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Neuroplasticity - For Therapists

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Your path starts here! Occupational and Physical Therapists, COTA’s, PTA’s, Special Educators and Administrators will start off in the right direction to becoming a highly competent practitioner.

The Pediatric Primer

Refresh on current trends in pediatric practice

Reflex Integration to Support Education

Support children in the classroom environment

Level Classes

Continue to enhance your skills through these quality H.O.P.E. based CE courses that will improve your ability to create lasting change in your clients.

Practical Sense in SI - Part 1

Learn practical applications on the evaluation and treatment techniques for modulation dysfunction for a varied client population.

Practical Sense in SI - Part 2

Identify, assess and treat the multiple factors that affect self-regulation.

How to Become a Sensory Chef

Create balanced diet of sensations to help clients foster and maintain self-regulatory skills throughout the day.

Level Classes

Designed for experienced therapists, these courses will help you stand out as an agent to support your career growth.

NEW! Art of Therapy

Dr. Harper turns the principles of neuroplasticity on you, the clinician, so that you can learn powerful tools to SEE, CHANGE, and DO for yourself, to tap into your clinical artistry and become a more effective clinician.

NEW! Getting Goals Write

Learn how to write goals that will direct your treatment plan & intervention AND increase functional outcomes for your clients through a collaborative, client-centered process.

Practical Sense in SI - Part 3

Increase your ability to implement practical sensory strategies.

Treating APD

Learn to “retrain” the auditory pathways in the brain that are underdeveloped resulting in the elimination of auditory processing problems.


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