I have learned the action part of life really takes place in real time which is within the current moment. The past is something that can never change and the future is something that is a gateway to endless possibilities. The present is the place where change happens.

Although we don’t know what the future will bring, the choices we make within current moment definitely have the potential to impact our mark on the future and expand the possibilities.

Don’t miss the Moment

I experienced the unexpected death of a teenage client due to a tragic motorcycle accident. As I rushed into the hospital and saw her lifeless body laying in the operating room, so many thoughts ran through my mind. Then I remembered our conversation just hours prior, school pictures had been distributed. She had given me a picture and wrote on the back, “you always believe in me”.  Then she quickly gave me a hug and ran out the door to hop on the back of the motorcycle. Through my tears I realized, I was truly thankful that I was present for that last moment.

On another occasion, at a funeral, I listened as a 13 year old girl explained her last moment with her mom was in an argument ending with her slamming the car door. This was definitely a reminder for me to continue to evaluate how I am and who I want to be in each a moment as I don’t know what the next moment might bring.

Effective consequences need peace in the Moment

Being in peace with our children doesn’t mean not holding them accountable. A firm consequence delivered in peace is supportive of our children having the best potential to master self discipline. Walking through each moment having the mindset of being at peace with how I am as I interact with others has been a great asset to my life’s path.

As life gets busy and as you jump in and out of your different roles, keep in mind that if this was the last moment you had interacting with this person would you be at peace with how you closed it?