W.A.Y. for Parents

What About You (W.A.Y) is the partner framework that is used at TheraPeeds Family Center, to support the neurological gains made with the HOPE method. This model focuses on changing the parenting environment of our clients so that the new neurological patterns acquired in the brain during their intensive can be supported in the home.

Our W.A.Y program begins with the use of standardized testing and clinical observation to identify parenting behaviors. It has been demonstrated with over 50 years of research that there are specific parenting patterns that negatively affect child development.

When these patterns are identified, we then look for the root of these behaviors by identifying how the parents are processing their specific parenting experience in their mind, so that we can rewire how they are processing and thinking of their parenting to change their parenting behavior.

Based on the result of this evaluation, we use highly specialized intervention, based on our W.A.Y. Model, that focuses on:

  • Determining the specific interventions and protocols needed for that type of behavior breakdown
  • Providing those interventions in the correct order/sequence
  • Identifying appropriate outcomes of the intervention
  • Measuring of the outcomes to identify increased function in parenting skills

Our W.A.Y programs usually require:

Three weeks of brain/mind training intervention

(based on evaluation results)

Two to three sessions per week

(Monday- Friday))

Average sessions run from one to three hours per session

(based on your intervention)

This highly successful evidenced-based parenting program is ONLY available to parents that have children enrolled in our intensive programs. It is not open enrollment.

We do offer Parenting and Other Coaching programs for parents of typically developing children, and other adults via our W.A.Y. to the World Programs at www.juliaharperinc.com