Why Our Classes?

Therapists - Why Take our Classes?

As actively treating therapists ourselves, we know firsthand what it is to take class after class hoping for the magic tool that will help us make the biggest difference in the lives of the kids we treat. After all that is why you became a therapist! We too have experienced the buzz and excitement of taking that weekend class, ready to go to work, try the new tricks and then be disappointed by its limited application to our clients. You may ask yourself, “why it didn’t work? It looked great on the video!” Often the clinician is left with self blame “I must be doing something wrong.” This typically results in the number one cause of therapist burn out: ineffective therapy sessions. End that today, we offer H.O.P.E. (Harper's Optimal Protocols for Enrichment).

What is H.O.P.E?

The H.O.P.E. Method teaches how to prioritize existing strategies based on each child's specific deficits. It is NOT a new treatment intervention, rather it is an innovative and practical way to apply established evidence based treatment techniques.

All of our courses are based on this method, which will show you how to prioritize treatments based on each child's deficit areas and apply specific protocols that are innovative and practical.
It will also provide you the foundation you need to:


  • Provide treatments at the right time and in the right order.

  • Focus your treatments to address the point of breakdown rather than the symptoms.

  • Apply already existing evidence based treatment techniques to help children make functional gains faster.

  • Allow children to reach and exceed their performance goals.

  • And much more!!!

Why H.O.P.E.?


Hope is something you may have lost, or maybe you are about to lose it? Or perhaps you just want more of it. Our goal is to help you find the hope you need. What has come from our years of taking and teaching classes is the H.O.P.E. (Harper’s Optimal Protocol for Enrichment) Method. This method takes the guess work out of therapy by offering the clinician new treatment tools as well as guidelines on how to use your existing tools.


The emphasis in our therapy programs is not only the ‘What to do?’, ensuring that we provide specific step by step treatment protocols in every class, but more important the WHY? to do it. As our main instructor Julia Harper, MS, OTR/L often says “you can have a bunch of tools, but it is only the master clinician who knows which tool to use when.”

How do I become a H.O.P.E. Clinician?


Develop the eyes and skills of a master clinician by taking courses that are realistic, practical and packed with vital information. Our animated, knowledgeable and personable instructors are focused on ensuring that each and every therapist they teach has a clear and concise understanding of the material presented. You will leave the course with techniques and insights that can immediately be applied in your treatment sessions whether in the home, classroom or clinical setting. The instructors are there to answer your questions during the course, after the course and beyond.


We will continue to offer courses that mirror the demands of the pediatric community, making a dramatic difference in the lives of the children in your care. Our goal is much more than to help you fill your continuing education requirements. Our goal is to help you become the best therapist you can be. In doing so we are guaranteeing that the children you treat will reach their greatest potential.


I just wanted to say thank you and to encourage anyone wondering about taking these classes that this is a good investment. Julia is funny, interesting, she knows her stuff and she will sure that you leave knowing yours.  

Michelle W.
Charleston, WV

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