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Parents - What Makes Us Different?

Trying to understand and help your child overcome the difficulties they are facing is frustrating, at times debilitating and extremely lonely. Parents don’t know who to trust, what to believe or if the therapy the child is doing is going to work. We understand how nerve-racking it must be to suddenly be placed in the position of being your child’s healthcare advocate. How do you decide among the multitude of intervention available? You have one child, with limited resources and time is moving on. Many parents come to our clinic emotionally exhausted, having spent countless resources and hanging on to the last shreds of hope they have left.

We see this often and we are proud to say that when parents come to our clinic, their long journey of disappointment comes to an end. Everything from our Evaluations to our Treatment Program will allow parents to find the answers they have been searching for and most importantly, the solutions they need to give their child the future they deserve.

The Difference is in Our Evaluations!

You might have had the experience of going to see multiple doctors and have had numerous evaluations for your child, possibly including an Occupational Therapy Evaluation. You’ve probably already done several therapeutic programs with limited or temporary results. After your first meeting with the TheraPeeds team you will immediately see for yourself a difference in the approach and a much deeper understanding of your child’s issues.

Through the evaluation process we search for the root cause of the problem your child is facing. The very basis of the H.O.P.E. method is to treat the underlying deficit of the dysfunction and not the symptom. We begin with a thorough Neuro-Developmental Evaluation using functional neurology strategies to determine where in the brain the deficits are occurring. Ultimately we investigate how well sensory information is traveling through the Central Nervous System. Understanding where the specific deficits are occurring is the key to having a successful treatment program for your child.

The Difference is in Our Interventions!

The reason we have been so successful with our program is because all of our treatments are based on one fundamental goal: to access the brain’s ability to change for lasting results. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change. In order to access this, treatment must be focused, frequent, consistent and /or intensive.

A thorough sensorimotor neuro-developmental evaluation of your child identifies the specific area to begin working (focused) and then we provide treatments that are either frequent and consistent (consultative model) or frequent, consistent and intensive (the intensive model)…..

Using the H.O.P.E. method, we design treatment protocols that are child-centered and specific to your child’s needs. Our goal is to change your child’s brain so that they make real change faster. This means that your child does not spend his or her childhood being shuttled from one therapy office to another, but rather can either have short periods of intense intervention or effective treatments done at home.

The Difference is in our Integrated Team Approach!

We provide cutting-edge, evidence based therapy in an integrated team approach that combines multiple brain-based interventions that is specifically designed to meet your child’s needs. Our team of experienced, highly skilled professionals include: Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists, Educational Specialists and Audiologists. The focus of our multi-disciplinary team is on accessing your child’s potential by facilitating neuroplasticity.

Miguel came in out of of sync with his surroundings, and he leaves as if he woke up! He is stronger emotionally and physically! Thank you for everything! We love you, and as soon as we can we will we back!

Maria C.

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