Parents - Sensory Diet FAQs

1.  What can I expect when my child completes the Sensory Diet program?

This program is designed to address the psycho-social emotional area of functioning. Parents typically report behavioral changes such as: increased attention, improved sleep, increased focus and purposeful interaction.


2.  Will I notice a difference in my child right away?

Most parents report behavioral changes in their child within the first month of the program.


3.  What do the SD fees include?

This is a 4 to 6 month course of intervention that includes:

a) Design of the individualized sensory diet
b) Consultation and delivery of the program
c) Check in
d) Consultation

4.  What if I have questions or concerns before my check in or consultation

Our client care and therapy team are happy to answer any question or address any concern that you may have. Please email your question to and it will be directed to the team member best suited to respond.


5.  What happens after my child has completed the Sensory Diet program?

Once your child has completed the course of therapy, we suggest having an evaluation to identify if there are deficits in the other developmental areas. If there are higher level deficits, we then shift to the consultative model of the home program.

We are just finishing up our first 3 week intensive program for my son Nicholas (4 1/2).  To say that I am pleased with the outcome is an understatement; I truly feel I am leaving with a different child. Nicholas was very hyper, not "connected" to people or his surroundings. That's all changed now!  Just after 3 weeks he has had so many changes I feel like I have to share them with other families. On the 3rd day of the 1st week Nick was answering "Yes" questions ... something his therapist and I have been working on for months. He is doing it now not needing any prompting. The second wk I think I got the best gift of all!  He initiated and was engaged in play with his 2 1/2 year old sister in a game of chase around the house. This is something I have waited for since she could walk. He never paid any attention to her at all. As a mother this was the most beautiful change to see my children play together and how engaged he is with her is amazing. During this 3rd week we can really see how engaged and connected he is with people and his environment. He can participate in an activity for over 5 minutes. When he started he could not for even 2 minutes. His eye contact has improved 90%. His stemming has decreased by about 80% and his behaviors have improved about 70%. Not to mention a burst in language! He is now using more sentences and has added words to his vocabulary.  He is so much more aware now of everything and everyone. I feel like I have been able to unlock a part of my son that has been trapped for 4 years. I know that everyone's changes are different. I can tell you we are so thankful for all of Nick’s improvements. Our Journey dealing with autism has been long and hard. I know that we a have a long way to go but now I feel we have a really good foundation to keep building our way up. Thank you to Julia and your program but most important the experts she has gotten to implement it. Lisa and Luli I thank you with all my heart. I feel so blessed to have had you guys work with Nick. Thank you to all the staff for making it such a great experience all around, you are all wonderful and I am eternally grateful.

Mendi F.
Weston, FL

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