Parents - Sensory Diet FAQs

1.  What can I expect when my child completes the Sensory Diet program?

This program is designed to address the psycho-social emotional area of functioning. Parents typically report behavioral changes such as: increased attention, improved sleep, increased focus and purposeful interaction.


2.  Will I notice a difference in my child right away?

Most parents report behavioral changes in their child within the first month of the program.


3.  What do the SD fees include?

This is a 4 to 6 month course of intervention that includes:

a) Design of the individualized sensory diet
b) Consultation and delivery of the program
c) Check in
d) Consultation

4.  What if I have questions or concerns before my check in or consultation

Our client care and therapy team are happy to answer any question or address any concern that you may have. Please email your question to and it will be directed to the team member best suited to respond.


5.  What happens after my child has completed the Sensory Diet program?

Once your child has completed the course of therapy, we suggest having an evaluation to identify if there are deficits in the other developmental areas. If there are higher level deficits, we then shift to the consultative model of the home program.

It has been many years since we have spoken and amazing things have happened because of you and your work. I am not sure if you recall working with Moselle and the effect of Celiac disease on her nervous system, causing neuropathy and sensory integration dysfunction which you figured out by asking us to change her diet. For all this and more I am forever grateful. Moselle is now almost ten and is a gifted dancer and swimmer. Your work with Moselle laid the foundation for years of healing and further interventions. As a result of Moselle and her sister having many challenges with immunological and sensory integration dysfunction, I became certified in homeopathy and have studied and included alternative medicine in my practice for the last six years.

Dr. Sharon H.
New York, NY

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