Parents - Sensory Diet FAQs

1.  What can I expect when my child completes the Sensory Diet program?

This program is designed to address the psycho-social emotional area of functioning. Parents typically report behavioral changes such as: increased attention, improved sleep, increased focus and purposeful interaction.


2.  Will I notice a difference in my child right away?

Most parents report behavioral changes in their child within the first month of the program.


3.  What do the SD fees include?

This is a 4 to 6 month course of intervention that includes:

a) Design of the individualized sensory diet
b) Consultation and delivery of the program
c) Check in
d) Consultation

4.  What if I have questions or concerns before my check in or consultation

Our client care and therapy team are happy to answer any question or address any concern that you may have. Please email your question to and it will be directed to the team member best suited to respond.


5.  What happens after my child has completed the Sensory Diet program?

Once your child has completed the course of therapy, we suggest having an evaluation to identify if there are deficits in the other developmental areas. If there are higher level deficits, we then shift to the consultative model of the home program.

Our experience at TheraPeeds was like finding the "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow. After traveling down many roads, and turning over every stone along the way, TheraPeeds offers a life changing difference. It provides a leading edge, scientifically based, way to unlock the potential of each child. It is a whole body approach to treatment, that beautifully integrates the mind & body of each child, and gets them working in harmony… stronger and together. After my boys (9 & 12) attended a 3 week intensive program they are well on their way to building strong pathways in the brain and developing an internal GPS system to find their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. Ultimately... leading a life full of potential. P.S. Therapeeds is a very supportive, and nurturing place for parents too. Enjoy!

Carolyn C.

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