Parents - Sensory Diet FAQs

1.  What can I expect when my child completes the Sensory Diet program?

This program is designed to address the psycho-social emotional area of functioning. Parents typically report behavioral changes such as: increased attention, improved sleep, increased focus and purposeful interaction.


2.  Will I notice a difference in my child right away?

Most parents report behavioral changes in their child within the first month of the program.


3.  What do the SD fees include?

This is a 4 to 6 month course of intervention that includes:

a) Design of the individualized sensory diet
b) Consultation and delivery of the program
c) Check in
d) Consultation

4.  What if I have questions or concerns before my check in or consultation

Our client care and therapy team are happy to answer any question or address any concern that you may have. Please email your question to and it will be directed to the team member best suited to respond.


5.  What happens after my child has completed the Sensory Diet program?

Once your child has completed the course of therapy, we suggest having an evaluation to identify if there are deficits in the other developmental areas. If there are higher level deficits, we then shift to the consultative model of the home program.

This is being written to you to describe how we helped our son through the maze that is Sensory Integration. Our son was 3 years old when he started treatment with Mrs. Julia Harper and her team at TheraPeeds. Prior to treatment, we had taken our son to his pediatrician multiple times because he was often sick: ear infections and colds. In addition we had other concerns as our son demonstrated mild delays with motor skills such as rolling, crawling, and walking and he also demonstrated some "odd behaviors". Our pediatrician(s) reported that our son was still within the normal ranges of these developmental milestones and for us to not to worry about the "odd behaviors" as he would out-grow them. Meanwhile, our son was demonstrating an increase in these "odd behaviors" such as toe-walking, hand-flapping, increased irritability and crying. A friend spoke to me about Julia and encouraged me to attend one of her courses. I was able to grab a spot in this one particular course which was held in February 2005 and was fortunate to meet her. We spoke briefly about my son and I was lucky enough to secure an appointment for my son with Julia for April of 2005.  From the moment we began our journey with Julia, it was clear to us that she was with us 100%. She also stressed to us how important it was for us to follow-up at home with a home exercise program for optimal results. I will tell you that we religiously followed her home exercise program. At times, our son (and we) would cry as some of the exercises were difficult, nonetheless, they were done nightly. Julia and her team worked with our son intensely as did we. We were going to her office for Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy twice a week. In addition, we attended multiple therapy summer camp activities including "Camp Integrations". As our son began demonstrating noticeable improvement in his ability to process and integrate his world, Julia began the process of weaning us off by reducing our in-clinic visits. Our son is presently in second grade and doing very well. He completed kindergarten and first grade averaging "A's" in all academic areas and in conduct. He is very competitive in all things (academics and sports) and is very outgoing. He is involved in the cub scouts and is playing basketball in a local league. He was recently named the "MVP" of his basketball team. To us he is a typical 7 year old experiencing all the things that 7 year olds do. We are very grateful to Julia and TheraPeeds for "giving us back our son." We love you Julia!!!!

The D. Family
Miami Lakes, FL

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